5 awesome free web development learning resources for beginners

I think most of you guys who are just started web development would wonder, what are the best resources for learning and improving web development skills. In this blog post, I will list all the resources I have found useful.

Mozilla web docs

Mozzila web docs is a great place to start your web development voyage. It provides complete guides and tutorials not only for beginners who are just started but also for experienced developers. The guides cover topics in HTML, CSS, Javascript and other advanced topics like web components, web performance, progressive web apps and many more.


CSS-Tricks is mainly about CSS as you might tell from the name itself. It contains high-quality articles from various topics, such as styling various HTML elements for all browsers and CSS-in-JS, which are packed with informative tips and tricks.

Google developers

Google guides to keep developers up-to-date with all the best practices for the web. Beginners should go through its Web Fundamentals pages to learn tips and tricks for building a better website.

Harvard CS50

For anyone who is starting in programming, I highly recommend this free course to learn the fundamentals of computer science. The course introduces crucial concepts such as algorithms and data structures which are applicable to all computing fields including web development. In my opinion, fundamental concepts in computing science are extremely important as having a solid foundation gives tremendous advantages in acquiring new skills and knowledge in the future.

You Don't Know JS

This is a series consisting of 6 different books written by Kyle Simpson. He elucidates all the core concepts of Javascript such as objects and closures in detailed and easy-to-understand approaches. The books are free to read online and you would be surprise that we know so little about the ins and outs of Javascript.